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2011 NFL Draft: Bowers' knee "going to be all right" according to two NFL teams

More draft rumor juju, I don't know, but you now have two NFL teams on the record stating that Da'Quan Bowers' knee checks out just fine. Both teams, the Detroit Lions and the Cleveland Browns, pick in front of the St. Louis Rams. If medical concerns about the Clemson defensive end's knee are fading in some quarters of the league, his draft stock might be just fine, despite some often dire predictions that were hard to separate from the usual pre-draft flotsam and jetsam of "information."

Of course, maybe that's all part of the plan for those teams...make sure their medical reports about Bowers get spread far and wide and try to entice teams into trading up...hmm. You can kind of see how the pretzel logic of it all this time of year just wraps around itself, allowing you to draw any damn conclusion you want.

In Rick Gosselin's mock draft from last week, he had the Rams picking Bowers, representing a substantial fall from where the Clemson DE was once likely to be picked. If Bowers does fall that far and teams do believe that his medical records check out just fine, I can't help but wonder if you wouldn't see some trade activity around Bowers.