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TST Community Mock Draft: Round 1, Pick 26

With the 26th pick in the TST Community Mock Draft, the Baltimore Ravens, represented by T.Ram, select:

Justin Houston, LB, Georgia

Tevin weighs in the on the pick:

The Raven's are in a tough spot to improve their team.  It's too high to get a WR, and in this draft most of the cornerbacks, and good offensive lineman are gone. So I had to reach in the vault, look around for players, and I found Justin Houston. The Raven's can't depend on Sergie Kendall coming back from his horrible head injury, Ray Lewis is getting old, and Suggs is a monster, but he can't do it all. If Houston can develop into a good rusher, the Ravens front 7 would be incredible.

I don't know much about Justin Houston, but I think that the Ravens could use some fresh legs for their linebackers. The core of that defense isn't getting any younger, like Tevin said.

Atlanta and StopSpe are on the clock!

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