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Tony La Russa's daughter is an Oakland Raiders cheerleader

Tony La Russa's daughter Bianca is an Oakland Raiders cheerleader. (<a href="!/biancatai" target="new">Pic via her Twitter @BiancaTai</a>)
Tony La Russa's daughter Bianca is an Oakland Raiders cheerleader. (Pic via her Twitter @BiancaTai)

It's news that will likely force the St. Louis sports world to implode on itself. St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa's daughter Bianca is now an Oakland Raiders cheerleader. Just how meta is this? Let's try and decode the meaning of it all.

La Russa manages the Cardinals, the city's main professional sports interest and one that's given erstwhile St. Louis Rams something to pay attention to when the Rams are usually well out of it in September, just as the homestretch of the baseball season is underway. Of course, La Russa's Cardinals are usually out it by September too, playing their worst baseball, but that's for another site to deal with. The Raiders used to play in Los Angeles, as did the Rams. The Raiders are the one franchise that arguably drafted worse than the Rams did during the middle part of the last decade. La Russa...St. Louis...Los Angeles...cheerleaders...KAPOW!

My head's going to explode. Sure, Bianca may live in the Bay Area, but why not try out for the Rams? Hedge your bets, I always say. Might be a good way for the Rams to cash in on a little of the Cardinals market cachet...until Bianca's father completely runs the team into the ground, doing his best Al Davis not...allow bad meta attempts...takeover post...