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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Surprising suitor for Julio Jones

Where does Alabama WR Julio Jones land in a recent mock draft? The answer might surprise you.
Where does Alabama WR Julio Jones land in a recent mock draft? The answer might surprise you.

A new 2011 NFL mock draft out this morning from SBNation steps it up just in time for draft week, throwing a handful of projected trades into the mix. Some of the names involved in the trades will surprise you, but the St. Louis Rams are predicted to stand pat. So how to things shake out for the Rams in the latest mock?

The Rams stay at #14 and select Illinois DT Corey Liuget. No surprise to anyone who follows the mock drafts. Mel Kiper's mock draft projected Liuget to the Rams along with everyone else who doesn't have some sort of meteoric fall of a top prospect like Da'Quan Bowers. Liuget is widely viewed as the safe pick. That shouldn't turn fans off, but it inevitable will do just that. Liuget can start right away and give the Rams one more bona fide pass rusher for the front four. Here's what the mockers said in their write-up:

A team that someone coveting Jones will need to move in front of. If Jones and Aldon Smith are both off the board, as in this scenario, Liuget is the smart-money projection.

So who did pick Julio Jones? The answer will shock you.

New England leveraged their 17th overall pick and one of their second-round picks, #40, to swing a deal with the Lions and move up to #13, where they picked Julio Jones. 

The idea of New England making a trade is hardly shocking, but moving up in the first round is. They desperately need a receiver in Boston, and Jones would be a great pick, instantly making some connection with Tom Brady. Bastards! Will it happen? Maybe, but remember this is just a mock draft. 

Dallas and Arizona also swap first round picks, with Dallas getting Patrick Peterson and Arizona getting OT Tyron Smith.