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Turf Show Radio S2E24 (Apr. 19th) recap

  More Turf Show Radio is on the way tomorrow, but we put together a solid show on Wednesday.  Of course, the opening interview of Ohio S Donovan Fletcher was the pre-ordained highlight, but the technical issues earlier on tested my ability to keep my sanity while Van and DFD figured what was going on:

  Breakdown after the jump (and as always, thanks to all the callers).

 - 1:01 - Electric blankets.  Where have you gone?

 - 1:53 - The technical difficulties begin, and Van disappears.  Leaving me at the helm.  You know what that means...3k singalong time.

 - 2:54 - All schools should either be University of Place or Place University.  Period.

 - 7:25 - Finally straightened out, Donovan Fletcher joins the show.

 - 8:10 - The interview begins in earnest. Throughout the discussion with DFD, we talk about his football background, the draft process, what he believes are his strengths, his big game vs. The Ohio St. University, special teams contributions, how BFB has helped him leading up to the draft, what it's like to not be the marquee draft prospect, and getting his head stuck in a fence.  Well not his head, but somebody's.

 - 20:45 - Knoxfan joins the show, and marks the first cigarette-fueled-headset-fire call in to TSR.  #salute

 - 25:05 - Filed under signs you're getting old: not making 4/20 jokes.

 - 26:21 - Tim the Enchanter, new TST front pager (and RamsHerd contributor) joins the show and rolls with us all the way to the closing bell.  UDFAs, and the free agent market in general; other professional football opportunities; Tim's series at RamsHerd; and Tim's work with NFL prospects - we covered a hell of a lot with Tim.

 - 42:16 - edpjr, legendary TST curmudgeon, returns.

 - 49:34 - How important is W-L record in determining success?  It's not everything, but how much something is it?

 - 52:42 - Van brings up a key point that hasn't been discussed much this offseason: mentality.  What is the mental state of the roster going into this season?

 - 58:55 - TSR crosses into the netherworld.  Ghosts, poltergeists, phantoms - everyone calls in these days.

 - 59:46 - Da'Quan Bowers' knee is as much a statement on the media as it is a relevant part of the draft.

 - 1:06:40 - I drop my newest targets for the Rams, all without any injury history whatsoever.  In the first, Turd Ferguson (P/K, Moffahasset Tech) followed by Yip Shipley (TE/DT, Gurfus University) in the second.

 - 1:09:15 - Who's going to be the surprise prospect in the first dozen picks that shakes everything up?

 - 1:14:05 - "Character issues" is as hackneyed a term as there is.  And it doesn't appropriately describe what it's meant to.

 - 1:19:45 - The outro.

Thanks to all the callers, and remember we've got more Turf Show Radio coming up tomorrow night.  Holler.