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2011 NFL Draft Rumors: Rams unlikely to trade up

Whispers and rumors about draft trades keep percolating up through the innumerable media outlets lately. It's that time of year. Silly season. Questions and rumors about the St. Louis Rams trading up, most likely to acquire Alabama WR Julio Jones, have been circulating as well. Rams GM Billy Devaney tried to dampen some of that enthusiasm in today's Post-Dispatch.

But chances are, we're going to stay right at 14, and we'll be fine. We have a really good feeling that there will be a couple of guys there that we'll be thrilled to have. It's probably not worth our while to give up picks to make a move to go get a particular guy.

Naturally, Devaney doesn't rule out the possibility. Any GM worth his salt would consider trading their picks.

When rumors surfaced last week about a potential trade between the Rams and the Dallas Cowboys, for their #9 pick, the cost associated with that was a third round pick. Surrendering a third round pick is an awfully expensive price for a team like the Rams to pay. There's a big difference between "willing to consider" a trade and a clear intention of making one.

Trades INTO the top ten picks just don't happen. When they do, it's usually some exceptional circumstance. The last time it happened was when the Jets moved up to get QB Mark Sanchez. Throw in the lockout, and draft day trades look increasingly unlikely to happen.

At this point, it seems more likely for the Rams to trade down and acquire more picks. Some of that will depend which players are on the board and where teams picking behind the Rams have them ranked.