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TST Community Mock: Round 1, Pick 23

With the 23rd pick in the TST Community Mock Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles, represented by mooseknuckles41, select:

Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado

mooseknuckles gives his reasoning behind the selection:

The thing that jumps out at me about Jimmy Smith the combo of size and speed. 6'2, 200, and a 4.4 forty? Yes, please. Gone are the days of CB's the size of Tye Hill (good riddance) trying to cover WR's the size of Fitzgerald or Andre Johnson. Jimmy's got the Revis-esque tools to lock down an elite WR for sixty minutes. 

Add in proficient tackling (70 the last two years), great footwork, fluid hips, and high IQ for man and press defenses.. you've got yourself a starter from day 1.

The Eagles are in flux. Lot's of free agency issues that will need to shake out as the CBA mess gets straightened out, especially in the secondary and LB corps.  Some teams have expressed concerns over character issues with Smith. Maybe Colorado air makes some people crazy? They need to rely on the veteran presence in the locker room being able to harness the young guy emotions. The Eagles will be lucky to fill a serious need with a top 10 talent at 23.

Jimmy Smith has been climbing up the boards recently, and there are reports that the Eagles like him with their first selection. This selection most likely will be dead on unless something comes up, and it fills a need. Remember when we all wanted Lito Sheppard? Maybe we can lust after Jimmy Smith in a few years.

Midasknight and the Saints are now on the clock.

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