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Rick Gosselin's 2011 NFL mock draft offers no easy answer for the Rams

He doesn't get the marquee name play of his well-coiffed peers, but Rick Gosselin from the Dallas Morning News is one of the best draft analysts in the business today. His mock drafts may be written at Delphi, handed down to him to share with the rest of the world. Gosselin's 2011 NFL mock draft is out today, and it has a very interesting scenario for the St. Louis Rams.

With the 14th pick in the first round, the Rams snag Clemson DE Da'Quan Bowers, whose draft stock has taken a hit lately with rumors about his knee. There's been considerable push back on the rumors about his health, but the damage may be done causing him to slip out of the top five picks where he was once projected to be selected.

As for Alabama WR Julio Jones, Gosselin gives him to Washington with the 10th pick. The Bengals pick A.J. Green

Back to the Bowers pick. How much of a risk is it? Depends on who you ask. His agent issued a pretty strong defense, and, ultimately, acknowledged that different teams will have different opinions of his medical risk. If the Rams feel like he checks out alright, and they have experience checking out first round picks with an injury, then they could get a real steal. 

Still on the board at #14 in Gosselin's mock draft is Missouri DE Aldon Smith (#20 to Tampa Bay) and Mark Ingram (#15 to Miami). 

Corey Liuget goes at #22 to the Indianapolis Colts. Pitt WR Jonathan Baldwin gets picked by the Chicago Bears at #29, which is the second biggest surprise. The biggest surprise: Va Tech RB Ryan Williams being picked at #28 by the Patriots. A list of the picks can be found here, sans write-up.