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Turf Show Radio S2E23 (Apr. 16th) recap

  Pull yourself away from watching Remington Steele DVDs, and let's go back through Saturday's episode of Turf Show Radio.  Or don't and multitask.

  BTW, if you haven't yet, you can load the show into your iTunes or subscribe to the RSS feed from the show page at TalkShoe.  And a big thanks to all the callers from Saturday's show.  There's always room for more, though (sorry dbcouver.  I owe ya one.).

  The first TalkShoe-hosted episode and a quote-based breakdown after the jump.

 - 0:05 - 3k: "No more British lady." = new intro

 - 2:02 - 3k: "Yeah, that trade rumor.  You can tell, 149 comments as I'm looking at it right now.  Definitely a hot topic." = Cowboy/Rams draft trade rumor

 - 5:10 - Knoxfan: "Hey, whaddya say, guys?" = Knoxfan joins the show

 - 8:30 - Knoxfan: "Keep up the good work.  I'm with ya all the way." = Knoxfan heads to Burning Man.

 - 12:18 - Van: "The two spots that might be worth keeping an eye on as far as the Rams go are #10 and #12 with Washington and Minnesota." = The Rams' options at 14 will be decided by 13 prior selections.

- 19:58 - CAPTAINMATT: "What's goin on, buddy?" = We somehow picked up a random Green Bay fan listener.  If fans of other teams can be as civil as Matt was, I'll be more than happy to bring on non-Rams fan callers.

 - 27:08 - CAPTAINMATT: "I appreciate you guys takin me in.  I'm gonna go play some Madden '11, but good luck next season" = so ended Capt. Matt's call

 - 28:26 - T.Ram: "How you guys doin'?" = T.Ram joins in.  Somehow avoids quoting Big K.R.I.T.

 - 34:38 - T.Ram: "Thanks for the answers." = T. goes from Turf Show Radio to lawn maintenance.

 - 34:54 - buckeyefan55: "I know we were talking about receivers earlier.  I was thinking Tandon Doss might be a good option." = buckeye hops on

 - 49:51 - buckeyefan55: "Alright, thanks." = 15 minutes?!  Damn, buck.

 - 50:06 - SMIFF620: "What's goin on, guys; how're you feeling? = Big Smiff hops on and goes straight to OLB.

 - 56:05 - SMIFF620: "I'm glad to be a part of TST...thanks guys, take it easy." = Good stuff from Smiff.

 - 58:06 - VanRam: "I changed a diaper and cleaned up a big pile of dog vomit during the call." = Van takes you behind the scenes of Turf Show Radio.  Should we ever release a DVD, I demand a reenactment as part of the special features.

 - 1:05:30 - VanRam: "Go Rams!  Let's go." = Thus ends another episode of TSR.