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NFL to release 2011 regular season schedule Tuesday evening

The NFL will release the 2011 NFL regular season schedule tomorrow night at 7 p.m. The NFL Network will give the schedule release prime time coverage even while players and owners do a Kabuki dance through Federal mediation in a Minnesota court room. 

You can almost hear the collective yawn of jaded fans everywhere. At least the Pro Bowl offered us some tangible form of football, much more than you can say about where things stand with the 2011 NFL season. 

Without free agency, fans have not had much to get excited about like they usually do in the days between the Super Bowl and the draft. Cynical brinkmanship by owners and players threw another bucket of cold water on the offseason and the few highlights it brings. 

There's already been talk of stifled fan interest in the draft against the backdrop of lockout, and you can only imagine the reaction fans will have to the release of the 2011 schedule. I know I'm sharpening my smart-ass edge for tomorrow evening's news.