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2011 NFL Draft: More Rams first-round trade talk

A rumor focused on 2011 NFL draft trade between the St. Louis Rams and Dallas Cowboys drifted its way across the internet on Friday. Speculation went that the two teams would swap first-round picks, #9 for #14, and give the Rams a sure-ish shot at Alabama WR Julio Jones. Of course, the deal also included the Rams' third-round pick, a price deemed too steep by many fans.

As the draft gets closer, trade speculation is heating up, to the point of ridiculousness given the likelihood of a trade in any normal year, much less one defined by a lockout and all the uncertainty around it. Trades in the top ten picks are almost certainly beyond those in the reality-based community, but trades in the middle and late in the first round could still happen, based on players available and how teams have their draft boards arranged. 

Walter Football puts out a few potential trade scenarios, noting that it's not likely, but makes for excellent water cooler fodder. WF throws out the possibility of trading first round picks with the Philadelphia Eagles, moving the Rams down from #14 to #23. This scenario also has the Eagles throwing in their second round pick, #54, which would be great for the Rams...even if its highly unlikely. 

According to this theory, the Eagles would be looking to draft CB Jimmy Smith, even though that seems a little high for him. The Rams might have a pretty good shot at Corey Liuget with #23 or perhaps another DT like Muhammad Wilkerson, Marvin Austin...or maybe even a running back like Mark Ingram, etc., etc. The idea of picking up an extra second rounder makes it that much more appealing...and unlikely. 

If the Rams are going to make a draft day trade, moving down makes the most sense, giving the Rams an extra pick or two plus getting a needed position like DT a little more in line with their real value.