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TST Community Mock: Round 1, Pick 18

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The San Diego Chargers traded their 1st round selection to the Colts, adding a fourth round pick along the way (but giving up a sixth rounder). With the 18th pick in the TST Community Mock Draft, the Colts. represented by CBPodge select: Anthony Costonzo, OT, Boston College

CBPodge give us his reasoning:

the Colts are desperate for a legit franchise left tackle, and Costanzo appears to be the best one in the draft, getting some comparisons to Jake Long. Bill Polian has already said he regretted not taking Roger Saffold last year (thanks Bill!), so if I was him I wouldn't pass up on a chance to make sure Peyton Manning continues to play every snap.

This is a good pick. The Colts foolishly passed on Rodger Saffold last year, much to our chagrin. Costanzo is a good prospect who fills a need here. They are a run first team with an average offensive line. If they want to keep winning, they are going to need to address it sooner or later.

dbcouver and the Giants are now on the clock!

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