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2011 NFL mock draft: Rams get offensive in new SBN mock

St. Louis Rams fans who believe the team needs to add playmakers on the offensive side of the ball will be awfully pleased with the latest and greatest 2011 NFL mock draft from SBNation. This week's edition is the first two-rounder from the flagship. And just how did Devaney make out in this mock draft...

The Rams' first round pick was none other than Alabama WR Julio Jones. It seems so unlikely, but this is a strange year for the draft with the backdrop of a labor lockout. Personally, I still think the lack of and uncertainty around a free agent market is going to make teams more focused on needs.

That means all those teams needing QB help could be more inclined to grab a passer when they have the chance. That's what happened in this mock with Jake Locker going 10th to Washington. There aren't really many surprises in the top 13 picks. Robert Quinn and Da'Quan Bowers fall to 11th and 12th, respectively.

The second round led off with the Patriots picking Alabama RB Mark Ingram. The Rams picked the second RB of the draft here, getting Illinois' Mikel Leshoure. In any other year, that would be seen as a real steal, and it still might be. He has first round talent, but running backs aren't getting the first round love they used to, not in a league that prefers to pass. I like the pick, but you'll see that there is a lot of talent on the board there, making for plenty of debate. Might they have waited and gone for someone like Mason Foster or Drake Nevis or even Rodney Hudson