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2011 NFL Draft: Donovan Fletcher...yes, he's related

I think it's safe to say that CB Bradley Fletcher has been one of the St. Louis Rams most pleasant surprises of recent drafts. Selected in the third round of the 2009 draft, Fletcher was starting by mid-season, no small task given the complexity of the cornerback's role. Of course a pretty serious knee injury ended his rookie year, but his sophomore season was even more impressive. Good news, he has a brother...a brother who is also defensive back, a free safety to be exact. Hmm...

Ok, it's a stretch. Donovan Fletcher is a safety with the Ohio Bobcats, and draft eligible this year. Standing 5'11 3/8" weighing 208 lbs, he has average size for the position and average speed with a forty range of 4.59-4.63. He projects as a 7th rounder or a free agent. However, he does have big game ability. A team captain, he carried his team a couple times this season, helping scratch out a win against rival Kent State and making a showing for himself and the Bobcats against THE Ohio State University with two interceptions. Besides character, Fletcher's strength is his nose for the game. 

I'm sure Donovan Fletcher will get a good recommend from somebody within the Rams organization...if only players and coaches could communicate with each other. 

Punctuating the Ohio Bobcats-St. Louis Rams connection: they also have a safety named Steven Jackson