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Turf Show Radio (Apr. 16) open thread


(Update by 3k at 7:22pm ET)

  Here's the show.  Thanks for all the callers.  Definitely a good first episode for the TST/TalkShoe partnership.

  TurfShowRadio and TalkShoe: a marriage made in heaven.  Now on our new platform, we're ready to kick off another episode of TSR in less than 30 minutes.

  For the potential callers, here's how it works.  The call-in number is (724) 444-7444.  The magic voice will then ask you for the show ID followed by the pound sign.  Just enter 97249#.  Then press 1# to log on as an anonymous guest.  If you have a TalkShoe account, then you enter your pin at this point.

  Today's main topic will be the draft after day 1, prospects and strategy from the second round and after.  Everyone's got favorite sleepers.  Who are yours?  How do they fit the Rams?  What dominoes have to fall for that prospect to land with St. Louis?  Hit us up and let us know.

  As always, you can use this open thread for your questions and reactions as the show goes on as well.  If we have any technical difficulties on this first episode, that's on my head.  I'll try to make the transition as smooth as EC18.  Holler.