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Finding the right fit in a Rams second running back

The conversation about what kind of running back the St. Louis Rams should consider to pair with Steven Jackson changed as fast as Taiwan Jones ran his forty yesterday. Speedy backs like Jones or some other Jamaal Charles-like threat from the backfield were long considered the idea partner for Jackson. But conventional wisdom is also subject to whims, and the notion of the right running back for the Rams to add has evolved.

The Rams themselves have made their intentions fairly clear. Of the six running backs that visited Rams Park this week, all of them appear to be players capable of handling first- and second-down duties, runs between the tackles, etc., the kind of stuff that would help diversify Jackson's role...and more equitably distribute some of the more punishing, grinding work that has taken it's toll on Jackson over the years. Some of those backs, particularly Mikel Leshoure and Mark Ingram, project as eventual starters themselves, i.e. backs good for 20 carries a game, though it seems unlike the Rams would go back to the old myopic running game.

I still credit 3k for being the early adopter on this theory.

Smaller, speedier types have been on the Rams radar in the past. You'll recall that last year, before San Diego tendered him a restricted free agent offer, Darren Sproles was on the Rams' radar. And earlier this offseason, the Rams had conversation with guys like Kendall Hunter and Noel Devine on the prospect all-star circuit.

TST weighed in, the pundits have spoken, but now we need to hear from the fans. After all, outside of the coaches and players, nobody knows the Rams like the fans.