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Vote for Steven mogul

For all his impressive accomplishments on the field for the St. Louis Rams, Steven Jackson is a man of many interests. Architecture, art, fashion, design...the guy embodies what it means to be a Renaissance man. And he could soon be an award winning filmmaker. 

Move over Marty Scorsese (though few films will ever top Goodfellas).  Jackson's web film series "A Week in the Life" is up for a Webby Award in the Online Film & Video - Sports category. He's up against MLB and Soccer (boring), so I just don't see why he shouldn't be able to wrap this thing up. Jobbed out of all those Pro Bowls, this might be a better prize, huh...certainly more exciting to watch. 

You can watch "A Week in the Life" here. If you've already seen it, watch it again. 

Head over to the Webbys site and cast your ballot...early and often (actually, I think they'll only let you vote once). 

On a side note, why is TST not up for a Webby? Oh yeah, this is kind of legitimate competition...