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Mike Mayock & Gus Johnson to broadcast NFL Network games

The NFL hasn't exactly been batting 1.000 lately. However, until the lockout and the Super Bowl seating disaster, the league owned a pretty solid track record for bringing about a good fan experience. They scored a winner today, though, announcing a change in their broadcasters for Thursday night football. 

The much beloved Mike Mayock, a draft expert known by some as the anti-Mel Kiper, will replace Matt Millen in the booth for those games. Why Millen was there in the first place is still beyond me. Joining Mayock will be Gus Johnson, he of the March Madness on-air freak outs. Out is Joe Theismann.

Great move by the NFL if they could just ensure that it was included in most basic cable packages, it would be even better. And while we're on the subject of encores, maybe they could push owners down the path of mediation, nudging ever closer to a settlement that would ensure we get to enjoy Thursday night games this year, even if we don't have NFL Network on our cable package.

[Note by VanRam, 04/14/11 5:33 PM EDT ] Jumped the gun a little bit...Gus Johnson hasn't been confirmed...just whispered. FWIW, Mike Mayock was being whispered about yesterday.