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TST Community Mock: Round 1, Pick 15

With the 15th pick in the TST Community Mock, the Miami Dolphins, represented by JordansDad select: Jake Locker, QB, Washington

Conventional wisdom says Mark Ingram, but who is the face of this franchise? We as Rams fans know that a RB alone cannot make a franchise. Much less a RB that isn't really top notch. The Dolphins can get a RB later in the draft and still have an upgrade from R.Brown and Bob Marley....I mean Ricky Williams. What the Dolphins don't have is a legit face of the franchise. That all changes as the Fins take Jake Locker QB Washington....Locker is who I hoped the Rams would take last year, but he didn't come out. Some would say that cost him about 30 million dollars. But thats ok Sam is growing on me...Jake has what it takes to be a QB that plays at a very high level for years to come. Dolphins will draft a much needed RB in rounds 2-4.......

Now this is a tough one for me. On one hand, I don't see Jake Locker as a good NFL QB. He's a project at best right now and the biggest knock on him is that he's inconsistent. Which is exactly the biggest knock on Chad Henne. Seeing as how I'm from Seattle, I think the best team to select him is Seattle (for obvious reasons). But the reason why Miami doesn't have a face to their franchise is because they never decided to draft one, until now. On the other hand, Jake Locker is an athletic QB who has the ability to be successful. JordansDad had legitimate reasoning on why the Dolphins should pick him, and in the latest mocks, he's going around this point. From a value standpoint, it makes sense. From a talent standpoint, I'm on the fence. But hey, this is why mocks happen right? Interesting pick!