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One man's junk is another man's treasure

This post (and maybe a series of posts) will highlight a castoff (or soon to be castoff) from another team who could potentially help out the rams. These players do not have a very high chance of developing into stars, but they could if given the proper coaching and environment. They are at least worth a training camp invite. Find out the first player after the jump.

The player is........... Vernon Gholston! I'm not just saying his name because I am a buckeye fan, so don't give me the homer comments. I really believe that he can still develop into something useful. For starters, he was drafted way higher than he should have been, so the expectations were too high, especially in New York, where they can grow to resent players pretty easily. Another reason is that he was totally miscast in Rex Ryan's 3-4. I think that a fresh start with the rams could do him some good, as they have Gholston's college teammate in James Laurinaitis, a Jim Tressel-esque coach in Spagnuolo, and a 4-3 defense where he belongs. Let me know what you guys think.