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Turf Show Radio moves to TalkShoe, Saturday at 6pm ET


  As Turf Show Radio listeners know, the mysterious British lady from BlogTalkRadio has long held the affections of many a suitor.  Unfortunately, we have decided to leave the confines of BTR for TalkShoe.  With the new host, we can go back to the hour-long format.  Additionally, we can hold TSR during primetime hours.  For the next two weeks, we'll have a special mid-week NFL Draft episode of Turf Show Radio on Wednesdays.  We'll talk about the new show format a bit, but there are more important topics.

  This Saturday at 6pm ET, Turf Show Radio returns.  The main topic for the show is going to be the draft after #14.  We've talked about prospects before, but the majority of the show will be dedicated to prospects not named Julio Jones or Corey Liuget.

  So hit us up.  Once the show goes live, call (724) 444-7444.  When prompted for the show ID, punch in 97249 and the '#' symbol.  If you don't have a TalkShoe ID, at the next prompt hit 1 and then '#.'  We'll have had two weeks to build up draft talk, so call us up and let's talk day 3 guys.