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TST Community Mock: Round 1, Pick 14

With the 14th pick in the TST Community Mock Draft, the St. Louis Rams, represented by crashoverride1 select: Aldon Smith, DE

With the Rams 14th pick, I would choose Aldon Smith.  I know a bunch of fans want a DT and I agree.  I say if we can't get a WR, then we need some explosion on the other end from Chris Long.  I will admit I may a little biased towards a player from Mizzou but still feel it is the best pick for the team with the players available. 

Smith is a good pick here, and most mocks have him going to the Rams (unless of course, we land the Julio Jones). Smith is a pass rushing specialist, and the thought of him lining up with Chris Long, James Hall and Fred Robbins on passing downs is downright scary. However, depending on how severe Da'Quan Bowers knee injury really is...if it is blown up more then we think, he'd be difficult to pass on.

JordansDad and the Miami Dolphins are now on the clock!

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