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Rams vs Bears in all-mammal Hall of Fame Game to open the 2011 NFL preseason...if there is one

Big ticket items just keep stacking up for the revived St. Louis Rams. First, it was a prime time showdown to claim the NFC West. Now, they get the honor of opening the 2011 NFL preseason in the annual Hall of Fame Game. That, of course, assumes the NFL will get the lockout resolved in time for the Rams to open the 2011 preseason. 

The Rams will play the Chicago Bears in an all-mammal game. The game usually features an AFC and an NFC team, though in 2009 it featured the Titans and the Bills. St. Louis last played in the Hall of Fame Game in 2001. The Los Angles Rams played in the 1971 game.

Exciting, but remember it is a preseason game. What better way to celebrate the game's greats by featuring second and third team role players for three quarters of football action. 

Former Rams players RB Marshall Faulk and LB Les Richter will be inducted in the HOF that weekend.