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Rams' LB James Laurinaitis wants to play football, but he's willing to consider the WWE

Football is St. Louis Rams LB James Laurinaitis' first love. However, there's this little matter of the lockout keeping him away from it right now. The Rams' elite middle linebacker retains some optimism that the lockout will be resolved, but he's also willing to give some consideration to another sport he's familiar with: professional wrestling. 

Most of you know that Laurinaitis' father, Joe, is a hall of fame pro wrestler, known as "The Animal" and part of the Road Warriors tag team. James told Ohio State's newpaper, The Lantern, that he would consider dipping his toe into the waters of pro wrestling, but not enough to put his football career at risk of serious injury. No cage matches we're guessing. 

You don't want to mess around and get hurt. But if it's just a few run-downs here and there or something, I'd maybe at least get some of the training done.

Wrestling comments aside, Laurinaitis scores points for his comments on the lockout. He believes there's a "95 percent" chance football happens this season, and goes on to point out the impact of not having it. 

It's bigger than just the players and the owners. It's the vendors. It's the people that turn their yards into parking lots, the bars, the restaurants, the hotels, everything around a stadium in a city that thrives from these moments. I think it hurts the overall economy if we don't play.

And the, ahem, web site editors. Laurinaitis also reveals that he took some of those rookie orientation lessons to heart, particularly the chapter on financial planning. 

I've saved up my money. I don't spend my money on anything stupid. I get all my clothes usually from Nike, or I wear the stuff I've worn through college. The only thing I've got to worry about is taking care of myself and my dogs and paying a mortgage on a house that I can easily afford and buy off if I want to.

There you go, football AND financial acumen, just another reminder as to why this guy is going to be one of the best. Now, if we can just get a little more assurance from other quarters about the season happening...