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Preseason schedule announced today; Will the Rams get a spot in the Hall of Fame Game?

No lockout is going to keep the NFL from releasing the 2011 preseason schedule. Later today, the NFL will pull the cover off its slate of preseason games, according to Pro Football Talk. One game of note is the annual Hall of Fame Game, coinciding with the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction. Will that game feature the St. Louis Rams?

The Rams have been mentioned as a possibility for the Hall of Fame Game given their ties with this year's inductees. In fact, the Rams have expressed an interest in playing in that game, which usually features teams who have former players being inducted. 

RB Marshall Faulk (who deserves the "do I have to speak his name?" treatment usually reserved for Springsteen's intro for sax man Clarence Clemons) and LB Les Richter are among this year's Hall of Fame inductees. 

With the lockout happening and no end in sight, the preseason schedule should generate even more excitement than it usually does.