Draft Confidence

The Draft is 18 days away and we are starting to get to the point of Draft Overkill! It seems like every day a new possibility comes up and people are going nuts at every turn. I even saw a mock draft somewhere online AJ Green falls to us and we select Mark Ingram instead...Needless to say, Ridiculous!

I just wanted to write to reassure Rams fans that we are on the Right Track! Devaney and Spags have shown that they are a competent duo when it comes to draft time. With the exception of a few late round picks who haven't panned out, We have been one of the better drafting teams of the past two years. Of course there will be names that we don't immediately recognize come draft day, but Rams Scouting obviously knows something that we do not. Who knew Rodger Saffold's name before we drafted him? How about Bradley Fletcher? Mike Hoomanawanui?We have also been able to find some quality value in the later rounds of the draft and undrafted free agency as well in recent years (George Selvie, CJ Ah You, Bradley Gibson, Uh-Oh, etc)! The Rams management did a pretty good job of building a core of young players for our future during the past two drafts, and we didn't even know who would own the team come the following season!

I know, as Rams Fans, we typically aren't the most confident fan base come draft time but Times Have Changed since Shaw, Zymegut, and Martz ran the show. We still have some way to dig out of the hole Spags and Devaney started in still, but as long as they keep finding Talent in the draft, it is time we give them our vote of confidence. Whether we pick Corey Liuget, Julio Jones, Aldon Smith, Mark Ingram, Mike Pouncey, or whoever else with our 1st round pick, Have Faith! GO RAMS!