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The Rams should look to North Carolina for players.

The draft is less then three weeks away. The Rams are sorting through many prospects, running through their draft boards, and setting up visits. I usually don't checkout players during the draft if they aren't first round picks, or until they get drafted by the Rams. However North Carolina caught my eye with prospects like Robert Quinn and Marvin Austin. 

Then something caught my eye, the Tar Heels have a lot of good players who feel the Rams needs. In fact I would be surprised if the Rams don't select a Tar Heel at one point in the 2011 draft. So after the jump, lets look at players the Rams could have an eye on during the draft.

Robert Quinn Consensus ranking 7, position DE

Quinn has the ability to be a great defense end in the draft. His pass rushing ability is what stands him out among the other defensive players. He has great speed running 4.58 in the 40. Quinn might end up a 3-4 rush linebacker, but he would fit better as a 4-3 end. 

Just imagine Quinn and  Chris Long together, that would scare a lot of teams. He could get pushed down to the 14th pick, because of missing a year, and the brain tumor scare. With Quinn the Rams would have an athletic DE, and a speed rusher.

Marvin Austin  Consensus ranking 53, position DT

Austin has been slowly rising up draft boards since the East and West Shrine Game. He is big, and has some quickness. He is a 3 technique DT. There are rumors that Austin can go in the first round, but if he falls to the 2nd round the Rams have to take this guy.

If the Rams can get Austin in the 2nd round he could end up being a big steal. Does he have some maturity issues? Yes he does, but you can't deny the talent. He won't have the impact that Suh had last season, but he would be a starter on the Rams.

Quan Sturdivant  Consensus ranking 69, position ILB

The best linebacker on the team last season. Quinn plays in the middle, but I am hearing that he can play any of the linebacker positions. Quinn is a good zone cover, also he has great instincts. He is very consistent didn't have less then 4 tackles in a game his last two seasons. A good reliable and versatile  linebacker is just what the Rams need.

If Quan is going to play in a 4-3, he would play strong side linebacker. He could also move to the middle if something was to happen to James L. He isn't the fastest or strongest linebacker, but he is a good football player.

Bruce Carter  Consensus ranking 59  , position OLB

The athletic linebacker from UNC. He is coming off a torn ACL he suffered in November, and trying to gain momentum in the draft. He isn't very strong, so he will most likely play weakside linebacker in a 4-3. 

The Rams really need improvement at the OLB positions. Bruce Carter and James L would be a good duo. Carter can cover and play against the run. He also has the speed to catch running backs. The Rams are lacking speed and athletic ability on defense, and Carter would be an improvement over what we have. A 3rd round pick for a potential starter? Sign me up.

Greg Little  Consensus ranking 76, position WR

A lot of Ram fans love Julio Jones, but there is a big chance the Rams won't land him. That's where Little comes in. Before his suspension, Little was a potential 2nd round pick. He is 6 foot and 3 inches and runs a 4.5. Little has a reputation of being a diva, but what good WR isn't? He could easily fall to the 3rd round or maybe even the 4th.

When Josh Mcdaniels drafted WR's he wanted players that were taller then 6 foot. Little has the talent, and would be a good fit for Rams. The Rams need talent Little is there in the 3rd or 4th round why not pull the trigger? Would Spags take a chance on though Little?

Deunta Williams Consensus ranking 145, position FS and Da'norris Searcy Consensus ranking 166, position SS

It was hard for me to find good information on both of these players. Deunta sounds like a cheap version of O.J. He seems like he could be a good player in Spags system, since I hear he could be a good center field player. Searcy seems like he can play in the center field also. He lacks play making abilities so he could be an undrafted or 7th round guy. 

Johnny White

White was a last second addition, right when I was about to post this article I heard about him. White is an explosive running back who fights for extra yards. He can make defenders miss he ran a 4.5, but he could be a good spell back. He probably won't be more than a 3rd down option, but thats what the Rams need now.

I got the rankings from this fan post on mocking the draft, shout outs to Pablo Escobar