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Up all night with TST: Open thread

Throw your ideas upon us.
Throw your ideas upon us.

Ok, friends, Romans, fans of the St. Louis Rams. Yours truly has a bad case of insomnia. Bad, bad, bad case of it. Not even a Xanax with a whiskey chaser will sooth the beast within. Maybe it's all this 2011 NFL Draft excitement. I wish it was free agency, but as you know that's on hold. 

Anyway, we are are gearing up for a busy month in prep for the draft. Hopefully, there's football beyond that, but we'll have to see what happens. Regardless, we're trying our damnedest to give the die hard Rams fans like ourselves, something to keep us occupied, amping up the content, etc. So let me ask for your help.

We hit the draft pretty draft hard, and I'd venture to say that there's few other sites, in the entire pantheon of NFL team sites, that do the draft like we do here at TST. We'll continue that in the weeks ahead. But I want to get your feedback, input on what else you'd like to see us cover here. What other kinds of things would you like to talk about? You, the fans, make this site work, and over the years we've gathered a tight-knit community of several hundred thousand of us. So put on your thinking caps and feed us your ideas. We're listening. We're always listening, almost as much as we're talking. 

Give us your ideas and feedback, and then go get some sleep for God's sake you animals.