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TST Community Mock: Round 1, Pick 7

With the seventh pick in the 2011 TST Community Mock Draft, the San Fransisco 49er's select: Cam Newton, QB, Auburn. caliramsfan1, their representative, has this to say on the selection:

Although I'm skeptical of Newton, its surprising to see him fall this far down due to his upside. Questionable character and so on, but you cant ignore the fact that he's an amazing athlete and has a great arm. With new coach Jim Harbaugh at the helm, what better way to start off his tenure in winer town, having a potentially great qb fall to him at pick 7. If there's any coach to groom a young character challenged qb, its Harbaugh. If there's any system to grow a young qb, its the west coast offense. The short passing game will be good for his confidence as he gets his feet wet.

caliramsfan1 is right on with his reasoning. I don't think Newton, in terms of present ability, should be drafted this high (I think somewhere around the middle of the first round, 15-20), but you cannot deny his athletic ability at all. San Fransisco is probably the perfect place for Newton, with both the coach and the scheme in place to help him achieve, like caliramsfan1 says. I also think having Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis surrounding him, Newton will have plenty of weapons to spread the ball out to. If this happened, the NFC West crown would get another contender next year. Of course, 6-10 might win it all anyway.

Habte E, the Titans representative, is now on the clock.

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