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Best of TST: Apr. 4-10

  The offseason doldrums are going around, but you couldn't tell from the tempo here at TST.  Last week's highlights after the jump.

From the front page authors

 - Van kicked last week off noting that despite the post-combine hype, there's still a chance that Julio will be available at #14.

 - T. looked at which position merits a significant offseason upgrade more: DT or DE.

 - If you missed the most recent episode of Turf Show Radio, you can catch it here.  We're moving to a new home for the show, and Van and I are working on the details for the next episode.  We'll be back on the interwaves soon.

 - Talk of "character issues" leading up to the draft often investigates the, well, less desirable traits of various prospects.  If you needed to pile on to the Julio Jones love wagon, the opposite of those character concerns applies to the wideout.

 - TST added buckeyefan55 to the front page crew last week.  They say two brains are better than one, but I'm not sure how many brains we have.  I think I count for a third.

 - buckeye kicked his front page efforts off by looking at the objections of his manlove.  Somehow, Burt Reynolds didn't make the list.

 - VT dropped a great look at HC Spagnuolo's tenure in St. Louis and whether or not his job could be in jeopardy after this season.

 - Are Ram fans being too optimistic about the impact a rookie WR could have in 2011?

 - If Bradley Fletcher (aka BFB) improves his play in 2011, he'll establish himself as one of the better corners in the NFC.

 - ram_rod kicked the TST community mock off yesterday.  This should be an entertaining exercise, especially once we get into the double digits.

From the community

 - WR NFL Draft 2012 (Rams_4_ever): The 2012 WR class is shaping up to have some very high-quality prospects, depending on who comes out early.  I'll be going position-by-position after the draft, so I expect y'all to get in those threads with as much voracity as this thread showed.

 - NFL Draft Prospects '11: DT (stlcardsfan4): stlcardsfan's series just keeps rolling along.  Top-notch, natch.

 - Is Nick Fairley really in our future? (RG31): Surprises will happen on day 1 of the draft.  Could this be one of them?

 - Kurt Warner Burns the Rams (RodrixTheGreat): Can Kurt ever go wrong?  Ever?

 - Whats to Happen to our first pick (zachmann21): zach looks at five of the most likely candidates to be the Rams' first round pick.

 -  Rams fans too optimistic? (cgerken44): the "Rams' 2011 schedule is brutal" meme is heating up to dangerous levels.

 - Cameron Jordan or Cory Luiget? (caliramsfan1): This could be the question the FO is asking themselves inside the war room by the time we're on the clock.

 - What we wanted in July 2010 and what we want now. (Infemous): More lookbacks coming in the weeks ahead, especially after the draft.  This is always something to keep in mind when looking ahead - hindsight is really, really good and stuff.