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TST Community Mock: Round 1, Pick 5

With the 5th pick, the Arizona Cardinals select, Robert Quinn, DE, UNC

Did you see this coming? I certainly didn't, and here is chndlr54 with the pick:

Although its a tough call and QB is a need Cam Newton scares me, OL is also very bad allowing 50 sacks. But I'll go DL and take Robert Quinn.

It's a tough call, as one of the main reasons Arizona has fallen off so much is because their lack of a QB (or lack of a Kurt Warner, but the two are one in the same). But just like with Buffalo, chndlr54 had concerns about Cam Newton ,and when you are handing out such a large contract, do you really want to have concerns? There really isn't an OL prospect worth taking here, and Quinn definitely has the talent to go top ten, but that doesn't mean he will. Ballsy pick.

T.Ram is on the clock for the Cleveland Browns!