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TST Community Mock: Round 1, Pick 4

Cruising right along is RG31, who has the Bengals picking with the 4th selection in the draft: AJ Green, WR, Georgia.

Here is his reasoning:

Carson Palmer is threatening that if he doesn't get traded he wants to retire so that's why Newton would probably be the easy pick here since Gabbert is off the board but I just don't think that they should select a one hit wonder. I believe they could get one cheaper in the 2nd round. Let me also add it doesn't matter who the quaterback is if the WR's can't catch the ball (Ask Sam Bradford). It looks like Chad Johnson ( or whatever he's calling himself now) is out as well as T.O. The Bengals have Gresham and Shipley but without T.O. and Chad Johnson they don't have a legitimate #1. AJ Green is not only the best WR in this draft but also might be the best player in this draft and has been compared to Calvin Johnson. So there's why I believe the Bengals will select WR AJ Green with their first pick.

I think that is good reasoning, and unless Carson Palmer retires before the draft, this is the pick for sure. Green is the best wideout in the draft, and if he for some reason was passed up on by the Bengals, wouldn't last much longer. As much as we all which he would.

And Arizona is now on the clock!

Please email me your pick...if you forgot, it's: