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How to fix the running game

I am of the belief that the rams need to fix the ground game for Bradford to improve next year. After the jump, I'll break down how we should go about doing that.

Obviously, Adam Goldberg's play was atrocious, and we need a new right guard. I think that if we pick up someone like John Moffitt or Justin Boren in the middle rounds of the draft and give Greco a chance, our running backs will have a lot more running room on the right side.

Since we cut ties with Kenneth Darby, we need at least one backup running back. I also think that we should be looking to replace Keith Toston, if Sjax gets hurt again and we have Toston as the primary backup, we can kiss our playoff dreams goodbye. I think that we need to draft a third down back (there are plenty) and get someone that can carry the load for a game or two in case Jackson gets hurt. Here is my plan:

1: draft a midround/late round run-blocking guard like Boren or Moffitt.

2: draft a complement back in the late rounds (hopefully we will have traded down at least once to get extra picks) like JaQuizz Rodgers or Noel Devine.

3: draft a back that could end up being Jackson's successor in rounds 3, 4, or 5 that at the very least would form a good three headed monster with Jackson and a quick running back in the later rounds. I really like Ryan Williams in the third, Shane Vereen in the fourth, and Bilal Powell in the fifth.

I realize that is alot of draft capital to be spending on the running game, but I think that it will be well worth it to keep Jackson around longer and to help take the pressure off of Bradford. I dont think that it's unreasonable to expect at least two picks this year to focus on the ground game. Plus, if we trade down and get more late round picks, that frees up another spot to grab a second running back to form an imposing rushing attack. Let me know what you guys think.