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Tevin's recap of the Rams vs. Seahawks Week 17 game

 How is everyone doing? I don't know if you guys are having a boring weekend like me, so I decided to do something. Look at the game that everyone hated, The Rams vs. Seahawks NFC West showdown. I don't blame anyone for avoiding this game like the plague. However this game showed a lot about the Rams, and what they need to improve next season.

For once, I'm going to show my personal side. I found a Seahawks fan video, (No other lengthy video) with quality footage. Above the video, I will talk about certain plays that stood out. Below the video, you will see these big ass pictures that I took, while I was in Seattle for my first NFL game. Why are they so big? Who knows, but because I got a new computer I can't resize them. So anyway, lets look at the video after the jump, If you can handle the pain.


From the start to 2:56minutes: Our Seahawk guide shows us the locals, and around Seattle a little bit.

2:57- 4:07 minutes: You will see a Seahawks drummer band. I hate the Seahawks, but it was pretty good.

4:07- 4:40 minutes: Our host climbs to the Hawks nest, and shows the crowd.

4:42- 7:10 minutes: The Seahawks are introduced. Yes it was that loud all night.

7:10- 7:53 minutes: A video of the Seahawks prior achievements, yes it was that short.

7:53- 8:15 minutes: The crowd is getting hype, and the 12th man flag is shown.

8:17- 8:25 minutes: The game finally starts, with a big Seahawks kickoff return. Good thing there was a penalty on the play, but this play would be the beginning of the end for the Rams.

Now, I will highlight the important plays, rather then every play.

8:25- 8:32: Whitehurst throws a short dump off to the running back. Chamberlain sees it too late, and easy first down.

8:32- 8:52: This was the big play, the Seahawks hit the Rams with that big play in the first quarter. The Rams blitz the slot corner, and Martin does a wheel route. Dahl messed up the coverage, and then misses the tackle.

10:09- 10:13: My boy Brandon Gibson, get's open against the defender, but Bradford gets his ball tipped.

10:24 - 10:31: Fells misses a block horribly.

10:35 - 10:45: Bradford gets another pass tipped.

1131: - 11:45: Horrible blocking, but Bradford showed his poise on this pass. Bradford also got hit hard, the defender came untouched.

11:56 - 12:05: Brandon Gibson gets open, and fights for the extra yards.

13:01- 13:09: Whitehurst just did a Mike Vick on the Rams, and their slow front seven.

14:00- 14:05: This could have been a coverage sack, but you hate to see a guy come from the middle, and get the sack.

15:16 - 15:35: Whitehurst breaks a Vobora would be tackle, and throws it short. Lucky Bartell get's the strip and it's Rams ball.

15:51 - 16:02: Bradford feels the rush, and tries to step up in the pocket, but meets a Seahawks defender with open arms.

16:23 - 16:30: Another outside rush, that results in big yards.

16:50- 17:04: Watch how the Seahawks part the white sea.

 17:24: 17:35: Whitehurst dumps it off, and Dahl misses another tackle.

18:24 - 18:29: Bradford hangs in the pocket and delivers a catchable ball, but Fells drops it.

19:31- 1937: One of Bradford's worst passes of the season. I remember watching it unfold, and I knew it was going to be a pick. Gibson ran a curl, but the linebacker was sitting under it. Easy interception.

21:25 - 22:22: This was the hardest time of the night for me. At this moment we all knew the Seahawks won, but the two Bradford hits, and the Fell's hit hurt the most.

12th Fan View - St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks 2010 Week 17 NFC West Championship (via charliemac64)

Now here are the big pictures. 135940_489090874355_719534355_5617004_7456609_o_medium

The ticket to the game, I don't even know if I still have it.


On the way to the game.


You all know who this handsome fellow is.


A bad picture of Sam and Gibson.