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Raise a glass to the NFL's new beer sponsor with Turf Show Radio, tomorrow at 6 p.m. Eastern

At least one company is banking on the NFL to end the lockout before games are scheduled to start this year. Bud Light supplanted Coors as the official beer sponsor of the NFL today. The six-year deal is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.2 billion, one of the largest sponsorship deals in history...and one of the owners' lines in the CBA fight is that the money just ain't what it used to be. 

To St. Louis folks, it's InBev, so let's just clear that up right away, InBev being the multinational corporation that bought out STL-based Anheuser-Busch for $52 billion back in 2008. Bud Light, Coors...nothing says football like watery beer. 

Like I said above, if companies that are already heavily advertised all over the NFL product are lining up to become the "official" sponsor with deals of this magnitude, then remind me again why there's a lockout, why owners are claiming hard times. 

Speaking of watery beer, you'll want to grab a cold one tomorrow afternoon and tune in for another edition of Turf Show Radio, in which 3k and I dish on the St. Louis Rams and the 2011 NFL Draft. I'm sure the lockout will come up too, but the new 45 minute restriction placed on the show by this our unwillingness to pony up the Benjamins for Blog Talk Radio's unlimited yakking feature has forced us to pair down our windiness. Way easier said than done. 

Turf Show Radio hits the airwaves at 6 p.m. Eastern tomorrow. We've got Matt from SBN's University of Oklahoma site, Crimson and Cream Nation on the show tomorrow, talking prospects like DeMarco Murray and Quinton Carter...I'm Sam Bradford won't come up or anything either. Give us a call with questions and comments...seriously, the calls are what makes the show so damn interesting, you can hear me and 3k spew garbage seven days a week anytime. 

The TSR call-in number is (818) 495-6910.