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Giants DT Cofield on the trade block whenever football resumes?

New York Giants DT Barry Cofield, like Oshiomogho Atogwe, has a right to be a little perturbed at the NFL labor situation, for personal reasons. In fact, it's enough of a grievence that the Giants' defensive tackle is considering a request to be traded this year

After missing out on unrestricted free agency last year because of the no-cap rule requiring players to have a minimum of six seasons before reaching unrestricted status, he could very well face the same situation this year should a federal court judge grant an injunction to lift the lockout, which would return the league to its 2010 free agency rules. 

The Giants placed a second-round RFA tender on Cofield as insurance for the league going back to 2010 rules. 

Cofield would surely be a target for the St. Louis Rams as a free agent. After all, the Spagnuolo-Giants connection is there. Would he be a target via trade though? If the Giants really are committed to that second round price tag, that seems a little prohibitive, especially when there are solid options available at DT in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft. Cofield, however, is a known commodity, unlike a fresh draft pick, and at just 27, has a few years left. 

Cofield could be angling to get a long-term deal, but playing time might be an issue for him as well. Once the lockout ends, if it does, we'll know more.