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Could the Rams trade up for Julio Jones or A.J. Green?

Should the St. Louis Rams trade up from the 14th pick to get Alabama WR Julio Jones...or even Georgia's A.J. Green? Most trade talk involving the Rams' first round pick has focused on trading down to find a consolation prize for missing out on Jones in the 2011 NFL Draft. But the speculative possibility of the Rams trading up in the first round was brought up today in a conference call with Kiper, as he made the mock draft hype tour (I feel sort of guilty for giving it this much attention myself). 

Kiper said that Jones would justify a trade up to the 8th. 9th or 10th spots in the first round, spots currently occupied by the Titans, Cowboys and Redskins, respectively. As for Green, Kiper says a trade up as high as the 6th spot would be necessary. Maybe. Depending on what day of the week it is, some pundits put Green among the top five picks. 

First round picks are going to cost a lot less this year than they have in the past once the CBA gets finished. That means trading up in the draft doesn't present as big of a financial hurdle for a team like the Rams that's spent serious cash on a first and two second overall picks in the last three drafts. 

Looking for some precedent in trading up, the San Francisco 49ers deal with Denver last year, moving the 49ers up from 13th to 11th, offers one comparison. SF swapped their 13th pick and a fourth-round selection to the Broncos (who traded both those picks again) to move up to #11 and drafted Rutgers OT Anthony Davis (d'oh). 

Since we're talking about trade, Jones and Kiper's mock, let's see what he had to say about Washington drafting Jones with the 10th pick in this latest mock draft. The Hair (courtesy of Hogs Haven):

The Redskins are certainly back in the market at the quarterback position, but if they don't do something to upgrade the talent at the wide receiver position, it won't matter who they have in there. In Jones you have a physical talent who still offers a lot of upside, but already has good hands, great blocking skills, and the ability beat people deep or work the middle. He blazed to a 4.39 40 in Indy while carrying 220 pounds. He's a load and a perfect target for the Skins. He does carry some durability concerns, but has shown the ability play through nicks.

That's a very real possibility. Washington could take a chance on a QB like Ponder, Dalton or maybe even Mallett, thinking that Mike Shanahan can mold him while McNabb handles the work one more year. 

It's all speculation at this point. 

Thoughts on the idea of trading up for Jones?