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No headlines from Oklahoma Pro Day

It was Godzilla versus Mothra on the college Pro Day circuit yesterday with dueling events at Auburn and Arkansas featuring QBs Cam Newton and Ryan Mallett. The St. Louis Rams already have a QB, so their Pro Day scouting reports will look a little different. 

The Pro Day most relevant to the Rams was happening in Norman, OK, as Bob Stoops' future professionals went through their workouts. RB DeMarco Murray and S Quinton Carter were the two most notable 2011 NFL Draft prospects at OU. Both elected to stand on their Combine results for the workouts but did go through individual drills. Reports sound as though both players ran just fine and did nothing to hurt, or boost, their draft stock. 

One player that did stand out was Army officer and former West Point running back Collin Mooney. Not that the Rams are in the market for a FB, but the 4.6 forty time from the 5'11" 245 lbs Mooney was pretty impressive. 

Today's Pro Day circuit includes some big ones: Alabama, Cal, Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, Colorado and Texas A&M.