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Rams interested in Mike Sims-Walker?

So much for the four pillars. Pro Football Talk is reporting, via Charlie Berstein, that the St. Louis Rams are one of two teams that have already contacted sort-of free agent wide receiver Mike Sims-Walker. If the report is true, that could be a problem since Sims-Walker isn't exactly a free agent just yet. 

Whether or not the Jaguars, who called Sims-Walker a whiner via back channels, would want to press the tampering issue seems doubtful. What the report, if true, says about the Rams is far more interesting. 

It's hard to over-emphasize the "if true" part of this report. As the PFT link suggests, it could even be an agent using the Rams to drum up interest in a client. That said, if the report is true, it signals the Rams are pretty serious about acquiring a wide receiver during the offseason. 

Sims-Walker could be a pretty interesting move for the Rams or whatever team ends up signing him this year. He's not likely to command top free agent cash, and if the acquiring team believes that a fresh start and a new approach can tame the diva within, it's a move with some nice upside. It also wouldn't rule out a team from drafting Julio Jones should miracles happen and he be there for the 14th pick. 

Take it all with a grain of salt. Even if the Rams did contact Sims-Walker, there's a long way between contact and contract.