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Is Plaxico Burress in playing shape?

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With the news that Tiki Barber wants to come out of retirement and return to football, at 37, it seems like as good a time as any to check in on today's other former NY Giant heading back to football after a lengthy layoff, Plaxico Burress

The interwebs buzzed all morning after a suggestion from Adam Schefter (who else) that the St. Louis Rams could be among the teams interested in Plaxico. He even called Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo a "Burress booster." So, how is Burress doing not having played any football since November 2008?

Offered with just a tinge of irony, his agent Drew Rosenhaus says he's "doing great." That was in early February. Rosenhaus also added that "can't wait to get back on the football field in 2011. He is mentally & physically strong right now and is looking forward to the future!"

Begin consultations with the Rikers Island medical staff ASAP.