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Rams interested in Plaxico Burress? Maybe, says Schefter

You've seen enough prison movies to know the trope. A man walks down a long hallway toward freedom, cheered by his fellow inmates, honoring one of their own as he heads toward the sunlight. Standing in front of a barred window, the man examines the belongings he surrendered long ago. The gates open and there waiting is a man in sunglasses, leaning on the hood of a car. Pleasantries are exchanged in front of knowing expressions. Into the car and off they go, toward new and, hopefully, better things. 

Former Giants receiver and hand gun enthusiast Plaxico Burress gets out of the prison on June 6. Will the man outside the gates waiting for him be St. Louis Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo? Maybe. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Rams are a potential landing spot for Burress

Just how many pillars a stint in prison restored remains to be seen. Spagnuolo is a "Burress booster" per Schefter. 

So, how would a Burress addition impact the Rams at receiver in 2011? Adding a big target with some experience and a track record of good health. Burress turns 34 in August, and he hasn't played football since November 2008. That could be a good or bad thing. One the down side, that's a long time without football. On the plus side, that time off saved two years of wear and tear...and if prison movies have taught me anything, it's that convicts spend most of their time working on free weights and rolling around carts filled with battered library books, right? 

Regardless of how you feel about Burress, the Rams are smart to have contingency plans at the position since landing Julio Jones in the draft is an iffy proposition. Expectations have created a mandate for the previously moribund Rams to compete in 2011. Devaney et al would still be smart to find a receiver in the draft, but beyond Jones and A.J. Green, counting on a rookie to contribute right away is an iffy proposition.