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2011 NFL Draft: Names to know at Tuesday Pro Day events

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The big Pro Day show tomorrow is at Auburn, where all eyes will once again be firmly fixed on Cam Newton. However, Auburn's a big time SEC program, which means there's always more than one name to keep an eye on there. Obviously, Nick Fairley is out of play for the St. Louis Rams too. One name to watch at Auburn is WR Darvin Adams.

Adams plays taller than his 6'2" measurement, but he's skinny at just 185 lbs. He has shown an ability to off the line well, including against press coverage, and he can beat defenders for jump balls because he plays taller than his height. There are also questions about his consistency. Adams isn't a must-have, but he's one of those raw, late round players worth keeping an eye on during the draft. 

Speaking of Pro Days, there are two other biggies tomorrow where the Rams will surely be represented. Arkansas OL DeMarcus Love is a mid round candidate at offensive guard; Ray Dominguez is a later round OG candidate. 

Beside Arkansas and Auburn, Oklahoma is having their Pro Day tomorrow. RB DeMarco Murray is the most notable player of interest for the Rams in Norman. Free safety Quinton Carter might be the best available FS in the draft, and could be had in the second or even third rounds.