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Tulsa Pro Day could be significant for the Rams

Normally, the University of Tulsa has its Pro Day without much notice from all but the most ardent draftniks and a few scouts. That was before the internet turned casual draft fans into talent-obsessed technocrats keeping track of every prospect, from first picks to future practice squad members. So, fellow obsessives, today's Pro Day at Tulsa has a storyline to follow, as the St. Louis Rams showed some interest at the Combine last month in one of the school's players, RB Charles Clay. 

Clay probably isn't going to be the next Steve Largent, the last HOFer to come from the University of Tulsa, but he is an interesting potential mid-round pick. Unlike the other running backs the Rams have shown interest in so far, Clay isn't the smaller profiled speedster. At 6'3" 245lbs has Clay listed as a fullback. He is that and more. 

The passing game is where Clay has the most potential to contribute. Not only was he Tulsa's leading rusher last year, he was also the team's second leading receiver. Scouting reports are filled with mentions of good hands and the moves and power to break tackles and get yards after the catch. Versatility is his asset. 

With the decision not to tender an offer to RFA Kenneth Darby and the release of FB Mike Karney, the Rams have, potentially, two or three spots to fill at RB/FB to fill behind Steven Jackson. Clay feels a lot like Darby, with a little more versatility. Scatback fans shouldn't worry; that option would certainly still be on the table for the Rams as they look to round out the roster. 

The Rams aren't exactly strangers to Tulsa. LB Chris Chamberlain, a 7th round pick in 2008, came from there. 

Some video of Clay after the jump.

Check out Clay catch the ball downfield for a score in 2007, his freshman year. 

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Here's Clay's report from the Combine