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Players that need to step up: Fendi Onobun

Will Fendi play more of a role next season?
Will Fendi play more of a role next season?

Well since we don't know when free agency will happen I decided to throw together this series. I could put a lot of Ram players in this series, but I'm only focusing on a few. Right now I plan on doing players who have the potential, and who have been in the league less than three years. I know from the top of my head James L, Sam Bradford, Rodger Saffold, Steven Jackson, and Chris Long won't be making an appearance

Of course there will be a few players from the 2010 draft class, hell maybe this whole series will be about the 2010 draft class but I will try to mix it up so it doesn't get too boring. With that being said let's look at Fendi Onobun.

There is a lot to be said about Fendi, he only played one season of college football, and didn't exactly have the best stats in college. However he played college basketball for 4 years, and the Rams selected him in the 6th round, because they need more athleticism on offense.

The thing about the Fendi situation is that if he doesn't become at least a role player he is just taking space on the 53 man roster.The Rams could place Fendi on the practice squad, but then any team could take him from our practice squad and add him to their active roster. The Rams need Fendi to become at least a role player next season, because if he doesn't it will be hard to justify keeping him on the Rams roster. With the Rams having four TE's who aren't special, having someone step up will go a long way.

The Rams have enough TE's who can block, but what they are really lacking is a player who can make plays. That is why they selected Fendi in the draft. He didn't slow much last season, but the potential is still there. He could be the next Antonio Gates, but I'm sure that the Rams would be happy with him just becoming a solid player.

Although Fendi needs to work more on blocking, and finding holes in the defense he could become a real force. Josh Mcdaniels new offensive system could help Fendi more than the West coast system. With his size and speed he could become a short to mid range threat. However next season I see him playing more in the red zone. Also he did practice some WR routes next season, maybe next season we see more of him doing that closer to the end zone.

It might be a long shot, but Fendi could become a good player, hopefully at the very least he becomes a player who can give the Rams the mismatches that they desperately need.