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The Jones vs. Green draft status debate continues

What else is there to really say about Julio Jones? He stands out in a mediocre class of wide receivers, though he'd be a top guy in any draft. Until the Combine, Jones was second chair to fellow SEC alum Georgia's A.J. Green. For most he still is second chair, albeit a very close one to Green. Is that changing now? Is Jones going to be drafted higher than Green? 

Wes Bunting at the National Football Post says that a number of scouts are saying that Jones will be the first wideout selected in the draft. That would most definitely rule out the St. Louis Rams from grabbing him with their 14th pick. And given how well Green is though of, it effectively nixes any chance of the Rams drafting a receiver with their first round pick, barring a trade or some other circumstance. 

Getting used to the Rams picking a player other than Jones or Green requires getting to know some of the other receivers that could be available among the next tier of players in the draft. One name that stirs debate is Jonathan Baldwin from Pittsburgh.

Questions about his work ethic and character have done more to drag his draft stock than anything else. In the same report, Bunting notes a general lack of consensus over Baldwin. Some think his Combine performance, and I'm assuming interviews, helped him; some still wonder if he can overcome his attitude. Bunting still like Baldwin, seeing a talented player that teams will need to keep "hungry and motivated." Hmm, is that Spagnuolo and McDaniels? Spags seemed to have his young guys playing with boundless energy and enthusiasm, and with players like Steven Jackson around him, it might be doable. If the Rams can coax the talent out of Baldwin, they'll have a bona fide #1 receiver.