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Jerrel Jernigan runs a 4.32 forty

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Don't blink. If you do you might miss Jerrel Jernigan's draft stock burning up the wires based on his speedy performance at Troy's Pro Day today. Looking for a redo on the 4.47 forty time he posted at the Combine, Jernigan ran a 4.32 and a 4.38 today according to reports

This draft has some intriguing options that figure as speedy slot receiver types at the next level, and Jernigan might be at the head that group. Boise State's Titus Young looked like the lead horse after the Senior Bowl but his disappointing Combine changed that. However, draft stock is a very fluid thing this time of year. 

As far as the St. Louis Rams are concerned, Jernigan doesn't seem to fit what the team's looking for at receiver. Health could trump all and no receiver on the roster should be thought of as irreplaceable.