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Mike Sims-Walker set for free agency; Should the Rams take a look?

Buried amidst the big news that owners and players will continue talking to save the season, there was an important free agent development yesterday that could have serious implications for the St. Louis Rams. The Jacksonville Jaguars decided to let WR Mike Sims-Walker, hereafter known as MSW, walk becoming an unrestricted free agent. Is Walker a player of interest for the Rams?

Obviously, their ideal WR this offseason would be Alabama's Julio Jones, but it looks more and more like Jones will already be off the board when the Rams' turn rolls around at #14. That makes finding a free agent receiver a more viable option. MSW would give the Rams a higher-end outside receiver who runs good routes and catches the ball well. In a lineup crowded with potential #2 WRs, Sims-Walker would be the number one #2. Got that? 

As far as duplication, there aren't too many receivers whose roster spot is 100 percent safe right now. 

Like the rest of the Rams receivers, MSW also has had some trouble staying healthy. MSW also did nothing to endear himself to the coaches in J-Ville either. Is he talented enough to get the four pillars waiver?