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Rams schedule visit with Hawaii RB Alex Green

Hawaii RB Alex Green has a visit scheduled with the St. Louis Rams, as well as the Eagles and Titans. This is the first confirmed visit with a running back for the Rams, but not the first running back they've shown some interest in, according to reports this spring. So what kind of back is Alex Green?

At 6'0" 225 lbs, Green isn't as small as some of the scatback types the Rams have spoken with so far. According to the NFP report, Green earned praise today for his cuts and hands at his workout today. At the Combine, Green ran a 4.45 forty. 

His scouting reports describe a player who is quick, but not the kind of speedster you get in the smaller profile guys like Derrick Locke. Green has some power, as you would expect of a guy his size, and developed hands as part of Hawaii's spread offense. He's seen as a fourth or fifth round pick. 

Though this seems to be the year for speedsters in the draft, the Rams have kicked the tires on a few backs like Green. Georgia Tech's Anthony Allen, who was worked out by Rams RB coach Sylvester Croom, and Tulsa hybrid back Charles Clay. 

Another pro day story of note, Oregon State DT Stephen Paea looked sharp in drills today. That's good news for a guy who had knee surgery following the Senior Bowl in late January.