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St. Louis Cardinals opening day open thread

The St. Louis Rams are a team on the rise. New leadership in the front office and on the field, a super star running back and a fresh faced kid quarterback ready to lead them into the future all helped boost sagging television ratings by 66 percent. Clearly, people are interested in the Rams again.

But St. Louis is a baseball town first and foremost. The Rams are chiseling their way to making it a town big enough for two teams with a national stature (yes, I realize the Blues play there as well...and I love the Note, but...). Today is a holiday of sorts in our fair city. Hell, it's a holiday for half the Midwest, from Indiana to Arkansas to Oklahoma, where the St. Louis Cardinals inspire fanatical devotion.

The Rams may be part of the (once) mighty NFL, but even we Rams fans have to step aside for the Cardinals on opening day. After all, I got my start in this whole blogging business at a little site called Cardinals Diaspora. That work and the recommendation of the venerable lboros founder of Viva El Birdos, the premier Cardinals fan site and our SBN brother, who helped get me my start with this site and SBNation.

Rob Neyer is heading up SBN's baseball efforts now, so be sure to check out that site too.

I'll be yakking it up at Cards Diaspora for a little while this afternoon, so stop by and say howdy.