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Could the Rams find Texas defensive backs "drool" worthy?

Remember last month when St. Louis Rams GM Billy Devaney mentioned a potential second round defensive back that the team was "drooling" over? None of the defensive backs that the Rams have spent some quality time with so far are second round picks. Today, we venture another guess, based on a couple players at the University of Texas pro day yesterday. 

Aaron Williams and Curtis Brown both potential second round picks, with Williams getting a slight edge in which Longhorn will be off the board first. Williams might appeal to the Rams for his potential to play safety at the NFL level, and given this year's safety class, the best option may be a converted cornerback. Here's Tony Pauline from on Williams:

Williams was very fluid and fast moving sideline-to-sideline, which is more evidence to those who feel safety is his best position in the NFL, not cornerback, the spot he played for the Longhorns.

Williams ran a 4.52 forty at the Combine, furthering the idea that he's not quite fast enough to play corner. He ran a 4.44 at his pro day, and the contingent from the Steelers watching him drew more than a casual mention, but they could be just as interested in CB Curtis Brown. Williams has been considered a fringe first and second round prospect by most. He certainly is drool worthy if you consider him a safety. 

IRONY ALERT: You will recall that Williams was the one who ended Sam Bradford's 2009 comeback with the Sooners, sacking him and re-injuring his shoulder. 

Curtis Brown didn't finish his workout yesterday, dealing with a lingering stomach virus. A former receiver, he has ball skills better than most corners in this class...something the Rams could use in a cornerback. Here's Brown's scouting report from MTD. He's certain to be drafted in the second round. But, is he drool worthy?